Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy

You will not find any cookie cutter treatment here. We have a gym filled with the best equipment from around the world, in which to structure a program that gets you feeling better fast.

Personal Training


Personal Training

Paramount Performance and Rehab has developed a proven system to help our clients reach their physique and strength goals both quickly and safely.

Online Training


Online Training

Online training was developed for those that already have a gym membership and want to know exactly what to do both in and out of the gym.

Small Group Training


Small Group Training

Get your group and train together. Personal training focused solely on your group of 6 people or less.

The Paramount Difference

Think we are just another personal training gym? Think again… Here are some of many benefits that you receive when you purchase a personal training package with our team:

Customized Training Program

Your body doesn't function the same way as the person's next to you, so why should you be trained the same? Each person has different needs to achieve the goals they want. We design every client's program based upon lifestyle, schedule, body, and more so that you walk away with a program that is just for YOU!

Biosignature Certified Trainers

Our trainers are certified to perform this 12-site body assessment and based upon the assessment can then recommend an individualized program of nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle modification.


We don't want to simply tell you what to do, we want you to understand why you are doing it. Understanding your program from start to finish will allow you to walk away with a fitness knowledge that you can carry with you beyond our doors.

On Site Physical Therapist

Throughout your training you have the piece of mind that there is a physical therapist on-site should you have any aches or pains to discuss. Russell is happy to share his education with clients should the need arise.

Continuous Support

Our trainers approach clients with a supportive demeanor, providing encouragement along the way. Everyone trains for their own reasons and we respect that.

Most importantly… Results!

Our programs are created with your goals in mind and together we can reach them. Not only will you see the results, you will feel them as well. Your transformation may actually surprise you!

Our Facility

Our 2,200 square foot facility boasts some of the best equipment around. With Eleiko barbells and plates, a favorite of Olympic athletes, and Atlantis gym equipment, one of the best brands in the biz, we have a facility perfect for all types of training. Combine that with our turf track, black iron dumbbells, kettlebells, and a variety of Strongman equipment and you've got the tools necessary for successful training. Not to mention our location in Newton Upper Falls is convenient, with parking, and only a short distance from Boston.


Paramount Performance & Rehab

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Athlete Progress

If you are ready to not only change your body, but your lifestyle then get on in here! It’s your time to shine! Check out these amazing transformations...