Patient Testimonials

Check out what our patients and clients are saying about Paramount Performance and Rehab!


  • I always found Trevor to be very competent, caring and especially responsive to my needs. He patiently listened to me and gave me positive feedback and support. Trevor watched carefully as I performed all the exercises at therapy and tactfully corrected me as needed.

    He also reviewed the home exercises to make sure I was doing them properly. I felt Trevor cared and wanted to maximize all the time I spent at therapy. At all times he was professional, yet I had a level of comfort with him.

    Trevor asked the right questions so I was able to pinpoint my problem areas and describe my progress as well as frustrations in my recovery. He then reacted by making suggestions and recommendations that not only were helpful physically but gave me encouragement.

    I believe working with Trevor was a major factor in my overall recovery. He was always kinds and went above and beyond to make sure my therapy was as effective as possible.

    Fran T.
  • My husband and I started working with Russ 4 months before our wedding in June. Russ completely opened my eyes to a new way of eating and training for optimal results. His ability to read our bodies and know what we need and when, was a major change for me- I would not have been able to achieve the results I saw without Russ and the PPR team! The best part about these results is that they’ve really stuck with me. We’ve been married for 3 months now and we are still going strong with PPR!

    Michelle P.
  • My experience at PPR has been excellent. I came here for physical therapy to rehab from a broken leg. A couple of months later, I feel not only fully functional, but in some ways even stronger than I was before my injury. Russ is a great physical therapist and just a great guy, period, and for me at least, there is something very motivating about doing rehab in a place that doubles as a personal training facility. At a certain point you forget about your injury and just feel like you’re getting stronger, alongside everyone else in there. Inspired and strong, that’s how I feel after a session at PPR.

    Rene M.
  • I first started with Russell at PPR after a bad knee injury requiring surgery and lots if PT. I quickly gain both strength and confidence at PPR. I, like many clients, switched to training with Russell once my PR was done- and a year later- I am still here! Excellent private gym for lifting towards a goal. Not only do I get a workout program, but also diet recommendations, and supplement guidance. I recommend this gym to anyone looking for weight loss, muscle gain, or to increase performance in their sports or activities of daily living!

    Katy C.
  • I have been going to Paramount Performance and Rehab for a stiff neck. Russ, the owner, is terrific. My neck is better and I am staying on for training. The gym is great and Russ really knows what he is doing.

    Anne G.