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Paramount Performance and Rehab (PPR Fitness) located at 244 Needham Street in Newton, MA offers a full range of physical therapy services, along with personal fitness, group classes, online training, team and group training, and pain-free laser treatment options to help you recover quickly–and get back in the game faster.

At PPR Fitness, we work with client of all ages and are passionate about helping each person achieve the results they want. Our staff includes licensed and experienced physical therapists and personal trainers with deep expertise in training, therapy and exercise. Stop by the gym and experience the PPR Fitness difference.

Therapy, training, laser TREATMENTS

virtual session

At-home training or physical therapy sessions
monthly or discounted with 3-6 month agreement
*Starting from:
/ month*
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Personal Training
  • Injury Recovery Training
  • Muscle Strengthening

Group Training

Up to six per group - ideal for off-season atheletes,
recreational teams and individuals
*Starting from:
/ 8 week program*
  • Student Athletes
  • Professional Athletes
  • Recreational Sports Teams
  • Players: Golf, Pickleball, Tennis

Laser Treatments

Enjoy 15 minute laser treatments after
your workout or anytime. First one is free!
Starting from:
/ 6 sessions
  • Pain Free Option
  • Healing and Pain Relief
  • 15-minute Treatments
  • Get back in the game faster!

PPR Fitness testimonials

"My experience at PPR has been excellent. I came here for physical therapy to rehab from a broken leg. A couple of months later, I feel not only fully functional, but in some ways even stronger than I was before my injury. Russ is a great physical therapist and just a great guy, period, and for me at least, there is something very motivating about doing rehab in a place that doubles as a personal training facility. At a certain point you forget about your injury and just feel like you're getting stronger, alongside everyone else in there. Inspired and strong, that's how I feel after a session at PPR."
Rene M.
West Newton, MA

Achieve your goals in 4 steps

At Paramount Performance and Rehab, our fitness center supports training and therapy services at all stages and levels.
Our customized programs work hand-in-hand to help you regain a normal life or exceed your personal best.


Meet With Us


Identify Your Goals


Get a Tailored Program


See Results!

customized training to

achieve your goals

As a cohesive health and wellness advisor, Paramount Performance and Rehab works with you to create personalized programs that meet your goals and needs. Whether you are looking for physical therapy and rehab, small fitness classes, personalized training, or lifestyle habit analysis, the experienced staff at PPR Fitness will guide you on the right path to help you realize the goals you set out to accomplish!

Which insurance providers does PPR Fitness accept?

At Paramount Performance and Rehab, we accept most insurance plans and strive to get you started without a prolonged wait, with a visit schedule that caters to your necessities. We specialize in providing personalized physical therapy and training services to help every patient attain their health, rehab, and range of motion objectives. Physical therapy is a secure and healthy mode of pain relief, and patients can often achieve long-lasting relief without the necessity of opioids or surgeries. Our team collaborates with your medical team and insurance provideer to support you in achieving your optimal health. Whether you're experiencing an injury, surgical procedure, or any other physical setback that hinders your quality of life, or if your doctor has recommended physical therapy, we're here to assist you.

How long does it take for physical therapy to work?
Muscle-based injuries can take six week or more with proper care. Tendon-based injuries can take up to four to six weeks. Bone fractures or breaks can take up to six to eight weeks or more. Ligaments can take up to ten to twelve weeks to heal. Physical therapy coupled with laser therapy can aid in this process.
How long does physical therapy typically last?

For your individual sessions, you can expect about a 30-minute to one-hour commitment. Frequency can range from once a week to multiple times, depending on the severity of your injury or condition and the goals of your therapy program.

What happens if physical therapy doesn't help?
If there's no change to the area of pain or discomfort within two weeks of physical therapy, you might need a referral back to your physician. This assumes that each patient has fully participated in their treatment.

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