Group Training for Athletic Performance

Transform Your Off Season at PPR Fitness

Are you a college, student, professional or recreational athlete looking to make the most of the off season? Elevate your athletic performance during the off-season with our rolling 8-week group training program. 

Whether you’re prepping for the next season or seeking to stay in peak condition, our expert trainers (who are also physical therapists and coach sports) are ready to help you reach your personalized athletic goals. Here’s the scoop on our rolling 8-week group training program for athletes:

  • Choose your package:  2 or 3 times a week x 8 weeks
  • Establish training goals:  strength, endurance, performance, agility, or all of the above
  • Sign up to reserve time blocks:  multiple flexible M-F options to fit your schedule
  • Bonus:  enjoy 45-minutes of free-weights and machine-time on your days (as available)

With the PPR 8-week group training program, pay one price for the program and schedule time blocks to fit your schedule. Complete the form below or stop by the gym and let us know what you’re most interested in.

This is our warm-up with athletes, when we will focus on assessing each athlete’s skills, intent, sports planning, rehabilitation of injuries, and structural balance. In this phase we will look to correct old bad habits, facilitate the fixing of prior sports injuries, and get into shape with others. This can involve strength training, speed and agility drills, sport-specific skills, and more. The goal of this phase is to improve their overall athletic performance and prepare athletes for their upcoming sports season.

This part of the program will focus on training, monitoring and tracking the progress of each athlete. Regular assessments will be carried out to evaluate the improvements they’ve made in their performance metrics. Plyometrics is a focus on this phase, designed to develop power, speed and intensity. This phase will also involve progress charts, regular fitness tests, and more. The goal of this phase is to ensure each athlete is consistently improving and staying on track to reach their personal goals.

This is the final part of the program where the results of the athletes’ hard work are showcased. This may involve a final assessment, PR testing (personal best) a showcase event, or even a group sporting event where they apply the skills and abilities they’ve improved during the off-season. The goal of this phase is to celebrate the achievements of the athletes, help them prepare for the season, and inspire them to continue achieving peak performance when team sports resumes.

Whether you’re training for baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, running or other sport, each session is designed to boost your individual strength, agility, and endurance — all in a fun and engaging group setting! Ideal for athletes of all abilities and student athletes (ages 14-25), group training is an investment in yourself that will pay dividends when the season starts again.

  • Personalized training: only six participants per time block to ensure your goals are met
  • Led by experts:  PPR trainers and physical therapists, who are also athletes and coaches
  • See results:  elevate and fine-tune your performance for when the season starts again
  • Plus: 10% discount off laser therapy treatments to speed recovery time

We want to ensure each of our athletes gets the attention and coaching they deserve, so each time-block has a max of six participants. This is your chance to turn your off-season into an opportunity season.

But here’s the catch: spaces are limited and time-blocks fill up fast!

Sign up for group training today! Tell us which days/times you want to train and let’s make the next 8 weeks count — for your Potential, Power & Results when the next season starts up!  Complete the form below, email [email protected] or call us at (617) 641-6700.

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