About Paramount Performance and Rehab

When it comes to physical therapy and personal fitness, make Paramount Performance and Rehab your first choice. You’re not just another client here… you’re family. Founded by Russ Childers, a licensed PT and MPT, PPR Fitness is a full-service physical training and personal training gym located in Newton, MA. It was founded with one idea in mind—delivering results.

PPR Fitness specializes in PT and injury recovery, as well as personal training, body composition and athletic performance. Our facility consists of a 2,200 sq foot state-of-the-art gym and some of the finest equipment from around the globe. We’re dedicated to delivering top-tier care, expert guidance, and the kind of outcomes that keep you moving and doing what you enjoy most!

On-site Physical Therapists

Recovering from an injury or setback? Eager to alleviate pain and get back to feeling your best? At PPR Fitness, we’re right there with you. Our highly skilled, licensed physical therapy team comes highly recommended—with a track record that speaks for itself.

We can get you into your first session with a licensed physical therapist usually within 24-48 hours. So why wait to start feeling better? We pride ourselves on providing individualized, hands-on treatments that get to the heart of your specific needs—whether it’s easing chronic discomfort or aiding recovery post-injury or surgery.

Personal Training Programs

Your body doesn’t function the same way as the person’s next to you, so why should you be trained the same way? Each person has different needs to achieve the goals they want. We design every client’s program based upon lifestyle, schedule, body, and more so that you walk away with a program that is just for YOU! We offer individualized training and 8-week group season to help athletes maintain peak performance during or off-season.


We don’t want to simply tell you what to do, we want you to understand why you are doing it. Understanding your program from start to finish will allow you to walk away with fitness knowledge that you can carry with you beyond our doors. During your time at PPR Fitness, enjoy knowing there’s a licensed physical therapist on-site should you have any aches or pains to discuss.

Continuous Support

Our staff takes time to listen to your needs and goals, offers a supportive demeanor, and provides encouragement every step of the way. Everyone comes to PPR Fitness for their own reasons and we respect that. We offer physical therapy, personalized fitness training and athletic group training to help individuals and teams to achieve their unique goals. We are here to provide continuous support, feedback and adjustments to help you achieve your personal goals and fitness objectives.

Most Importantly... We Deliver Results

Our therapy and training programs are custom created with your goals in mind, and together we can reach them. Not only will you see the results, you will feel them as well. We closely monitor your progress and will help make minor adjustments to improve results. Your transformation may actually surprise you!

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