From Pain to Performance: How PPR Can Transform Your Back Health

Back Pain affects 1 in 4 US Adults

Did you know that around 25% of US adults have experienced lower back pain in the past three months? 

Sciatica, with its sharp, burning sensation, can be particularly debilitating, affecting daily activities and even reaching down to the foot. The pain comes from the sciatic nerve which extends from the lower spine, through the pelvis, and down each of your legs. The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in your body. Sciatica can be felt as sharp pain and may be accompanied by burning, stabbing or spasms or may be felt in the form of numbness, tingling, and weakness. All these symptoms are included in the term “sciatica”. Sciatica is not a specific diagnosis but rather a symptom of what is going on.

Before you turn to self-medication or online advice, consider the expertise of a licensed physical therapist. At Paramount Performance and Rehab in Newton, MA, we offer a personalized approach to treating sciatica and back pain. Our therapists, also personal trainers, craft individualized plans to alleviate pain and help you safely return to your favorite activities.

Are you suffering from sciatica-related back pain?

At Paramount Performance and Rehab, our licensed and experienced team of therapists and trainers are ready to assist you on this journey. Let PPR Fitness help you create a personalized recovery plan that ensures your well-being and helps you achieve your goals more effectively. Learn more about our unique approach here.